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My wife and I had the honor to fish with Chad Johnson for three days in March 2018. We have had the opportunity to fish a good bit of this world with some terrific people, and we have met few guides that work harder than Chad. He is trout fishing’s James Brown (hardest working man in show business). Chad methodically demystified the White River fishery, prepared us to be successful with techniques outside of our traditional element, and worked ceaselessly to make a memorable experience. We caught some nice browns and rainbows despite a mid-trip turn in the weather, and a very dense shad kill that slowed the bite on the White. To escape the wind, Chad took us to the Norfork, wherein my wife caught her first Snake River fine spotted cutty. And when the merciless wind made rowing an impossibility, Chad jumped out of the drift boat and pulled us downriver like a 140 lb. yoked beast of burden. Very memorable, and a testament to his tireless work ethic. Hucking 8” streamers at trout on sinking lines was not something we have had the opportunity to do very often, yet Chad worked closely with both of us to dial in our casting. I greatly enjoyed our long discussions about fly design – a topic upon which Chad is truly in his element. Our days were long (at least, that’s what the clock testified clock), but in truth, our days seemed to fly right by. There’s never a dull moment on Chad Johnson’s boat. At days end, your belly aches and your cheeks burn from the laughter. Chad Johnson is an excellent guide for anglers of all skills levels, and particularly for couples. My wife was extremely comfortable with Chad’s tutelage (in fact, she ranks him as her absolute favorite guided experience). Chad had her slinging some serious meat with much less effort within the first hour. Female fly anglers are the future of this great sport. Simply, we have fished with few guides better at making ALL clients comfortable and undaunted by large rods, long casts, big flies, and big fish. Chad Johnson is a special guide; we give him our highest recommendation possible.

-Andrij Horodysky 

Over the last 40 years I have fished with more guides on more waters than I could possibly list. I fished with Chad and want to provide my review. It was a bit challenging finding the words to describe just how impressive Chad is at guiding.  Yes, you read that correctly. He is that good.

Experienced, professional, knowledgeable and energetic are just the starting points for his skill set. Equally, if not more important than the ‘puts you on fish’ aspect, is how effortlessly he works with clients of vastly different abilities in the same boat. He has an uncanny ability to perceive an angler’s skill level and adjust accordingly.

I would send my daughter and granddaughter to fish with him. They would feel comfortable and have a fun day. It’s hard to spend time in the boat with him without the day seeming better. 

One thing I would urge you to keep in mind when fishing with Chad. He is a man of sincere humility and genuine “down home” graciousness. Please don’t let that cause you to overlook how extremely knowledgeable he is about fly fishing, the fish and the water shed. In my opinion, a smart person will listen carefully when Chad talks about those topics.  

So 1st day beginner or seasoned old pro, Chad is the choice. 

-Victor Edwards


My 12-year-old son Seth and I booked a one day fly fishing trip on the White River with Chad Johnson as our guide. It was a lucky break for us. Neither my son or myself had much fly fishing experience, but that did not matter. Chad was patient with my son, instructing him on land on the basics and quickly getting us in the water. The day could have gone bad rather quickly; it was hot, the river was high, and my son was having trouble getting trout to stay on the line. Chad worked hard to find some fish Seth could catch and just before lunch Seth started getting fish in the boat and the day turned out great. Everyone was in a great mood for lunch and it was tasty! Sandwiches, fruit, cookies, and the best coleslaw I have ever tasted.   After lunch we caught a few more rainbows and finished up the day in good order. Chad was great with Seth and big part of what made the day great was the atmosphere Chad creates on the boat. Chad made sure and drifted by eagles’ nests, so Seth could see the baby eagles, took us by a Blue Heron rookery, showed us bit of White River history, and explained to Seth the lifecycle of the bugs the trout were eating. My son loved every minute the day and did not even complain much about the heat. As we left Cotter the next day we were already planning a fall trip. Thanks Chad, for a great day on the water.
-James Adams; Frisco, TX

Chad and I meet about 11 yrs. ago in the Fly Shop. The next day I was fishing on the river when Chad and Tiffany came over and asked if I would like to go with them in their boat fishing.  I said yes of course. They told me it was Tiffany's Birthday which is the same as my wife’s. After that I have fished with Chad every year. I have a bond with him that goes way beyond fly fishing. He is more than just a guide. He has been a life saver for me. Now he guides my son. He is the Best. Thanks my friend. 

-Gary Wood, TX

I have fished with Chad “Mississippi” Johnson on two different trips to the White River and will request him on future trips. Both trips were phenomenal and on our last trip Chad was able to get us on a large number of fish even when water level was horrible. However I am still troubled that he allowed my wife to catch the largest fish, the first fish, the most fish and the only category win tagged to me was weirdest fish (catching an elusive sucker fish #winning). I have fished with many guides on many rivers and I can say that Chad really has a gift helping fly-fisherman improve their casting skills by the end of our trip my wife was consistently throwing 50 foot of line with Chads guidance. If and when you fish with Chad be prepared to learn many fishing acronyms such as (LDR) long distance release and if hopper fishing always I mean always say Mississippi before setting the hook. A trip with Chad will be one to remember. 

-Brent Snyder, TX

I discovered the fly shop about 4 or 5 years ago. They always have the stuff and the info I need to have a good trip. A few years ago they recommended Chad Johnson as a guide I would like. They were right! Chad has always worked hard to see to it I have a great fishing trip. He knows where the fish are and how to work with my skill level to help me put them in the boat. Chad always makes me feel like I'm improving as a fly angler even though I know it not always true. Patient and encouraging never makes me feel bad about blowing it. Most recently he helped me get my son into fly fishing by putting him on a nice 20" brown. And his wife Tiffany fixes the best lunches. Always something special in the lunch box. Thanks Chad and Tiffany

-Barry Turner, LA

I have known Chad for a while and his great reputation preceded him. As a honeymoon gift for my wife (no that's not a joke), we decided to book a fly fishing trip with Chad. My wife and I are both decent at fly fishing, but I thought a day on the water would be relaxing and we would also be able to fine tune our approach. Catching fish was a given, but Chad took it further. He helped us both with casting and fishing techniques. He was very patient and fantastic at helping us improve. Mix in a few fishy stories and laughs along the way and we couldn't think of a better way to spend the day. Chad and the entire group at Dally's are always very friendly and highly skilled. Can’t say enough good things about them. Thanks for the great memories and looking forward to doing it again.
-Zachary Hoyt, AR

I have fished with Chad for 10 years. It's still fun and I'm still learning. And that's why I'm still coming back 2-3 trips per year. Chad is always understanding of my physical limitations due to aging and is always respectful.  Oh yeah, we catch fish, lots of fish. We always have a good time, a fine young man.

-Larry Pitts, TX

I can’t say enough good things about Chad Johnson. I have known CJ for over 12 years and he is the real deal. No matter what your experience or skill level, you will learn and improve when you are with him AND you will have a good time and find fish. Chad is the consummate professional, courteous to everyone and always willing to share and help fellow guides and anglers. I have caught my personal best Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Striper (Hybrid) and Redfish while fishing with CJ. If you haven’t fished with CJ, don’t hesitate… that trip!

-Max Waldrop, OK

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